Selfie 8 & Selfie 9

Ok, so I missed a couple days in there. In my defense, my back was not great this weekend and also I got to spend some much needed time with Aaron. So, sorry not sorry.

I did, however, happen to take pictures both of those days with the intent of posting them, so, the way I see it, better late than never.



Saturday night epsom salt vibes




Sunday morning sleepy kitties and holiday card crafting


Today, so far, I have called in some refills for pain medication, called and ordered a disk of my images and reports from Doshi Imaging, and confirmed my Wednesday appointment with the spinal surgeon. I was referred originally to a doctor who works with geriatrics, so they scheduled me instead with a Dr. Paulino. Part of me wonders if Dr. Jones didn’t refer me to the geriatrics doctor because of the advanced state of my herniated disks, but maybe I’m just over thinking.

I should be hearing from Ardent Durable Medical Supply today to deliver and fit me with my back brace. That’ll make a cute selfie, no?

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